Installazione, Figura umana, Astratto informale, Sacro / Mitologico, Video installazione, 100x61.8x100cm
The HOLOKINETICS Cosmic Garden enhances the light of our World, the poetic Power of the Universe. The stone contains a nebula of light moving colours illuminating the space.
HOLOKINETISM is the synthesis of art, science and technologies. It needs a poetic apprehension of the forces, a religious sensibility of their delicacy, a scientific comprehension of their nature.
The process of analytic fragmentation is resolved by the crossing of the White square on white background (Malevitch); Die and become!
This crossing produces a metaphysical inversion of light, from subtractive to additive, from absorbing to radiant. The artwork releases the embrace of the substance. It enters the world of forces and motion, it becomes bright and dynamic. This inversion brings together all the arts in a synthetic, dynamic and objective manner.
The Human Being that has found its dignity in the center of the world becomes the necessary agent linking together the fragments of the Universal Mosaic. The process of fragmentation and separation will end with the discovery in us of the Original Cosmic Entity. The Universe runs in our veins, radiates in our nerves and passionately desires the Conscience.

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