The Bad And The Good Being Stacked Up Next To Each Other

The Bad And The Good Being Stacked Up Next To Each Other

Pittura, Sentimento, Astratto geometrico, Acrilico, 150x150cm
Day in and day out a prioritizing and organizing of what fills the heart and head plays out internally. The positive and the negative must be shifted, moved, and balanced to create a fleeting harmony of thoughts and emotions to allow for function. These new paintings act as visual diaries, portraits, and maps through the daily puzzles of existence. Color blocks represent moments of emotion, failures, memories, fears, desires and hopes. They are arranged with both respect and disregard for the other. Some forms are simple and delicately
whispering to each and in others act in a controlled chaos within a dizzying fight for dominance. Canvas pieces are paired with framed
works on paper, advertisements, and pornography collages. These mash-ups highlight the struggle we have to assemble not only our individual pieces but also manage the inclusion of the myriad of
outside influences of lovers, culture, and society. Other works are paired, a mirror of shapes reflecting how simple changes affect the overall whole, and how through vanity we change our true self reflect how we want to be seen by others.

As in life, there are never constants and the methods employed in each
work have overlap but each seeks a unique way of assembling the pieces. The act of daily existence and ability to adapt and self propel through the demanding and mundane is a complex beauty that is easily lost and overlooked in the day to day. My investigations seek to find, elevate, and highlight the exceptional beauty in our everyday struggle to function in a neverending cognitive hurricane.

Pretending to have it all together truly is a perversion.

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teruhisa tahara
6 anni fa
your works are greater than KANDINSKY and PAUL=KLEE. You are the colorist symbol of the 21th-century really .
Good Luck

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