Rendre à César

This video was inspired by the discovery of the bust of César, which was found in a river in Arles in 2007.
I carved my self-portrait from marble of Carrar, that looked like the bust of the emperor, and I threw it in the same river, the Rhône, knowing that archaelogists continue to explore the river in search of Greek and Roman artifacts.
The video comes as an evidence of that action, showing all the steps of the production of the bust and the final action where i have thrown the sculpture in the water.
This piece raises questions as time, blurring the line between contemporary art and archeology; and is also a reflect of my ambition and my desire to conquer museums.
I don't know if this sculpture will be found or lost forever. Will the bust of myself remain anonymous or will it be a record of my work and myself for my posterity?

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