"Synnergy" is an intricate abstract painting that was created with black oil-based paint upon a primed and cradled panel. Like most of my other works, this piece started out relatively unplanned, as I try as best I can to allow for the ideas and mark makings to happen as naturally as possible. At each given moment I am not entirely sure what the final work will look like or even how the mark I am currently making will ultimately affect my ever changing idea of how to proceed. Therefore, my paintings tend to grow, so to speak, slowly but surely, until they are finally 'finished.'

Key concepts and ideas that relate to my work are: synergy, symbiosis, fluidity, inter-connectivity, diversity, balance, harmony, growth & decay, cognition, mindfulness, spontaneity, and non-duality. My work, aside from being inspired by my own life experiences and philosophies, is also influenced by my studies of physics, engineering, biology, philosophy, taoism, buddhism, ancient history, and other varied scientific and spiritual interests.

Lastly, given the very intricate nature of my work, it can take months to complete one piece. Much of the detail is hard to make out without it being seen in-person or having the option to view 'detail images.' So, if you would want to see the intricate details of my work, please simply go to my website:, where I chose to couple detail images with full composition images, hoping to enhance the viewer's experience, while also providing a more accurate representation of my work, and the work that is put into them.


See Portfolio Of "Synergy" at:

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Ross  Bisbee
6 anni fa
Ross Bisbee Artista
Thank you :)
maria giuseppina barbanotti (Bar_ti)
6 anni fa
Wonderful tecnique ! I like your work !

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