White Noise

Joint project between Felix Weinold and LAB BINÆR.

Even today, in an age of digital music files, many audiophiles still swear by their classic record player for listening to music.

The exhibit »White Noise« consists of an empty record, meaning that the groove was cut into the blank record without any acoustic information. And yet, if one listens very closely, one can hear an impressive spectrum of frequencies.

External influences, such as dust, result in an mechanical aging process, which create variations within the acoustic nothingness. Therefore, in time, nothingness generates a complex »Noise«-sculpture.

A projection onto the domed ceiling visualizes what exactly is going on in the groove: When standing in front of the record player, to your left, you will see the conserved primitive state, therefore the record's first run. To your right, a realtime visualization of the record's current frequency spectrum.

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Silvano Debernardi
3 anni fa
Scusate ragazzi, ma è molto simile alla "macchina intonarumori" di Luigi Russolo? Oppure al "ronzatore" sempre di Luigi Russolo. Certo non aveva la tecnologia Odierna, mancava di effetti video speciali, erano più grezze, ma lo scopo non era forse lo stesso: musicare i rumori?
4 anni fa
As a »Critic/Curator« you should work a bit more professional... Maybe talk to the artist before spreading wrong facts?!

The record is produced by the vinyl-profassionals of http://duophonic.de and the sound/noise you can hear in the video above is the result of the first cycle the needle did on the record. Following to our intention it changed dramatically during the 2 month exhibition due to surrounding parameters (Dust, Vibration,...). Cheers.
Random Activities
4 anni fa
Hey guys, this is only an acrylic turntable mat. You are fooling us!!

Look at the object on ebay everyone can do this works:


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