flu series: car show model,no super flu! headgear!

flu series: car show model,no super flu! headgear!

"My artworks do not only reflect the impact of nature on our lives, but also explore the meaning of life. my paintings are inspired by Universe,life experiences,art,people,emotions and the creative process . Never stop probing impressions and contrasts of life, while keep introspecting and dreaming. The new modernist ( painting and art ) movement, since 1990's, have been giving me such a great shock and inspiration."

Artist bio: Ip Pang, a Chinese painter as well as an artist, was born in China, Guangzhou but raised in Hong Kong, where he received art education in primary and secondary schools and later won several local and international art awards. Gradudted from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida , USA ( nearby sunshine city Miami,Miami beach and art deco area ), Ip Pang now works and lives in China and Hong Kong. With his expertise in applying pigments from various painting media and resources, Ip Pang creates an unparalleled fusion of Eastern and Western arts. During years of practicing, ip pang has developed his own spiritual style of modern painting. Ip Pang considers himself as a modern & contemporary art artist. By using vibrant colors and fine brushes, he depicts contemporary art. His work usually employs sunlight and shadows. This strong contrast of brightness and darkness produces comparison yet reflections. his artworks have been presented in many exhibitions, mainly in china,hong kong,japan and the usa.His paintings and artworks are published in many magazines and art books such as: airbrush action magazine,Hong Kong Contemporary Art Award and many others.

my art website: www.ippang.com

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