Fotografia Digitale, Filosofia, Paesaggio, Digitale, 120x80x12cm
Photographie, 120x80, 2011
Courtesy the artiste © adagp alix delmas

Alix Delmas' “Lalala” is definitely a spectacular drama. Many layers are shown : the background green hills of Auvergne framing a surprising burning table, beneath which two children take shelter. This weird theatre may be encouraged by this unexpected encounter. Everything takes place in the fields of possible : as this meeting suggests a painfuly fantasized and postponed blaze of two candid bodies, insinuated by the reddish colours of their clothes contrasting with the grazier background. One is allowed to refuse every hallucination, and to see only a deeply poetic picture: the frame works as a subtle reading of the keying process that those flames come and lick beautifully and disturbingly. The artist sees a metaphoric whisper between war and the world speaking of a distance or of an after.

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4 anni fa
penso proprio che vincera questa bella fotografia
perchè in una pagina del capogiurato vi è un pianoforte che arde 1+1 fa
ama il fuoco diabolioco amico.
Gianpaolo Marchesi
4 anni fa

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