Impero, 2010

Video 16/9
Duration: 17’39’’
Actress: Mónica Calle
Voices by: Mónica Calle; Massimo Angeloni; Anna Bernardi; Valeria Pola.
Text: André e. Teodósio
Variable dimensions
Courtesy: Galeria Baginski

The Roman Empire certainly is one of the most influential ideologies that shaped the western world. It was directed by rules, maneuvers and specific political/social actions, commanded by an emperor and a senate which were essential to its functioning. Nevertheless, any empire is based on a social organization formed by individuals. Each of these individuals, although embraces the general rules of the empire, is also driven by a set of rules that dictate his procedures and actions in another scale of the gain of power.
Nowadays, the rules, actions and social relations that surround the gain of power, while assuming different forms, are still patent in our society. The dislocation of the focus point to the individual, that occurs in the contemporary society, has led to a more visible need of the construction of personal empires.
“Impero” sets a bridge between those two types of empires and between their sets of rules and actions. The text, written by André E. Teodósio draws a parallel relation between the notion of personal and collective empire, showing antagonist positions of a time filled with possibilities and promises and another one that sinks in the collapse of the despair.

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