Fresh Air We Needed

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2013 in the first two months, Beijing had 40% day air are excellent. National Ministry of health data show China lung cancer death rate ­ up 465% than 30 years ago, and is the cancer with the highest incidence and mortality rates for lung cancer. It ­ directly related to air pollution.

One day, change of venue, you and me, he told her, come together, looking at the city's Green, Kiki for a picnic. ­ We have to pace themselves, changing the urban landscape, rediscover the rhythm of nature, until more people come together, play­ is more likely.

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Tom Lee
6 anni fa
Tom Lee Evento
Not only the fresh air, but also the beautiful environment and safe food.
6 anni fa
Cat Premium Fotografo
Bonne chance !
6 anni fa
robolotion Artista
Well made video clip! I like social critique in the artworld. It can be more interesting than just decorative things. Good luck!
franco fasano
6 anni fa
franco fasano Artista
Molto bello, ben fatto!
Nanouk Reicht
6 anni fa
Bravo, bel engagement!
emilia rebuglio
6 anni fa
emilia rebuglio Artista
Molto interessante!
6 anni fa
benny Artista
6 anni fa
complimenti sentiti
buona fortuna
Teresa Palombini
6 anni fa
Immagini di forte denuncia e un messaggio di auspicata speranza

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