Madonna Dreaming

Madonna Dreaming

Grafica Digitale, Filosofia, Sacro / Mitologico, Figura umana, Computer graphics, 58.5x91.5cm
In my art I reach beyond the apparent duality of life and search for deeper meaning, – the correlation between the fragments, the colloquy between the parts and the whole, the consilience.

My work interweaves realism and abstraction and is guided by inner journeys evident in compositions of seemingly unrelated, even contradictory bits of reality, archetypes, signs and symbols. These, brought together, form a manifest stream of unconscious, a dreamlike state of revelation, or a moment of deep philosophical thought, at times carrying meaning beyond the verbally definable.

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Isabell von Piotrowski
5 anni fa
Isabell von Piotrowski Artista, Curatore, Premio
complimenti,bellissimo quadro
Katya Murrighile
6 anni fa
Che meraviglia! Una Madonna tanto Leonardesca quanto contemporanea. Io adoro quest'opera....Bravissima!
6 anni fa
agabea Artista
Sehr interessant ungesetzt. Kompliment!!
Gruß, Agnes

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