Fotografia Digitale, Idee, Astratto informale, Digitale, 100x75x4cm
Olap from "We Can Hear The ColorS",
We interested to create International Publish. (Exhibitions, and Discussions.)
The Project Looking to be part of a short/full film how thinks on this subject,
The Film will run in festivals around the world and send the message.
I think it is important to understand the general awareness of color can be heard and much more than that.
Sponsors or Organizers that can lead to it seriously and professionally,
Please let me know.

We are allowed to pass any gate and discover new worlds throughout lifetime,
New dimensions can be seen.
The Sound so beautiful,
It's amazing, it's here with us all the time, And can give a lot to all of us.

The Creation took me through music crafts painting photography poetry writing and thinking.
It's not easy to explain it in words,
Just to let you know that there is lots of good in this world.

The works are being taken at nature near Jerusalem, and are not processed by Computer.

Thank You,

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Massimo Di Stefano
6 anni fa
Molto bella, Ofer.
6 anni fa
benny Artista
Gianfranco Fedeli
6 anni fa
sembrano le teste di due cavalli contrapposte, i colori caldi gli fanno da contorno. Ho tradotto con google quanto ai scritto, ma la risposta è stata approssimativa e non ho capito del tutto il concetto. Alcune parole che sono riuscito a capire sono belle e mi sono piaciute e le condivido.

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