Double Alienation # Lvov

Double Alienation # Lvov

Double Alienation
# Lvov, Kniazaluka

"Yes, that’s it, the whole story. And where am I?” (Oksana Sabuschko, Museum der vergessenen Geheimnisse, Droschl, 2010, p. 36)
Surrendering to the blur of the analog double-exposure black and white pictures, I seek to cope with my bewilderment in the face of the warping in the Bloodlands (Timothy Snyder), like surrendering to the imagined sound of the ocean while holding a shell to the ear.
In this blur I find timeless levels that make room for memories, which have perhaps never become conscious, of displacement, alienation, loss and death. For memory based on the visual is freer than reason (John Berger). I want to make out what is invisible and unspeakable by abandoning (entrusting) myself in Ukrainian everyday life to what is unforeseeable about “flawed” image production, anticipating what the manifestations themselves may reveal.

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Cornelia Mittendorfer
6 anni fa
Thank you!!
Lucia Di Blasi
6 anni fa
Lucia Di Blasi Architetto
Very very good.!!!

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