Pittura, Ritratto, Acrilico, 45.7x45.7cm
"Oscar" is one of my early portraits in dry brush acrylic on a gessoed panel. Oscar was a life long friend of my father and grandfather.

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Nadia Comegna
7 anni fa
Nadia Comegna Artista
Emozioni a colori vividi. Grazie.
SC. Di Stefania Carroli
7 anni fa
SC. Di Stefania Carroli Artista, Pittore
Chiara Burzigotti
9 anni fa
I like this so much!
Sabina Signorini
10 anni fa
Hello Steven,
First thanks for the friend request.
I admire those who can do portraits of people because I think it's the hardest thing in the theme of the painting.
Oscar is great, I like the colors, the expression ....
Congratulations, and a fond farewell from Florence!
Luisa Carla'
10 anni fa
Luisa Carla' Artista
Sandro Martiniello
10 anni fa
veramente bello,molto bello
steven smith
10 anni fa
Hi Anonella,

I notice that you like using red. I have been putting a spot of red for over 35 years in most of my paintigs.

Oscar is one of my wife Gail's favorite portraits.

In a few days I am going to put one of my paintings I did about 12 years ago on celesteprize.com, it has a lot of cadmium red.

Thank you.

steven smith
Antonella Caraceni
10 anni fa
I like him!!! But all the other works too!

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