Video, Libertà, Figura umana, Filmato, 06:59
one young woman, actually three.
three women who are one and everything she is and was or will be.
peeling more and more layers from herself she touches some truths for a moment. a moment of compassion, a moment of criticism, full of sadness and for a moment breakable as an eggshell.
she's trying to catch herself, to run away from herself. letting herself and forbidden herself to get caught.
this is her story, the next door girl's story, my story.

the process is our story:
an international creative process.
a dancer in Buenos Aires, a Video artist in Tel-Aviv meeting through the skype with a piece of music as a starting point.
From different points in life and on the globe we found ourselves passing ideas, materials, regrets and relearning dance, video and mostly one another.
Non ci sono mi piace

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