This work describes human figures and a dog, in which the human figure is to be the master and his dog anjing.Tuan always together, playing, hunting, traveling, etc..
            humans as social beings, who can not live without the other person actually trigger the emergence of the ego so that he is always in the company. Selfishness of human nature is that only utilize animals for his own benefit. Instances when the host lonely no one else around he would invite animals to interact kesayanganya play, hunting etc..
            And if the animal is not in need then the animals will be left behind, even so the animals will not prejudice at all on the master, the beast fact waiting faithfully and welcomed the arrival of his master with an entertaining polahnya behavior.

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Seppa Darsono
6 anni fa
Seppa Darsono Artista
thank afif af :)
Afif  AF
6 anni fa
Afif AF Artista
nice broow hehe.. : )

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