Curly hair (Afrolook)

Curly hair (Afrolook)

Grafica Digitale, Felicità, Gioco, Ritratto, Figura umana, Computer graphics, 128x96x00cm
curly hair
Knows no racial differences, every human being is affected even without fault.
All races are affected. Swimming, bathing, wet weather promote Krause hair. in a moment the wonderful civil section is a round pot on the head. you do not recognize yourself again.
Internal competition among TV presenter is announced. with smooth long red, blond hair rises to the quoto lot of times.
That an entire society is ashamed of a Frizzy hair is incomprehensible to me. Iron pull, hold, roll straight hair flutters to the ears need to.

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Occhio di Ra
6 anni fa
Occhio di Ra Artista
Very beautiful!

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