Give me the air

Give me the air

In this photography work, I turn to wit in an effort to confront complex questions regarding life, politics and history. I try to employ a distinctive brand of expression that responds to the period of political apathy that followed the period of intense political ferment in West Bengal state of India.
I have no desire to save the world or indeed to change it. My work is subversive and a comment on the human condition itself offering the viewer a behind-the-scenes look at the heroic and the rational. Most of my subjects are familiar but re contextualized. In what they encompass or allude to, these works transcend the merely comically grotesque or the quest for objectivity. They are a relentless scrutiny of the world ranging from scathing social commentary to opulent ornamental ism. On all scores, though, my attention is both contemplative as well as confrontational.

Non ci sono mi piace

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 Anna Scopece "DARVIN"   ( non Darwin )
6 anni fa
molto bella!

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