Scapicons II, Nr. 4 (diptychon)

Scapicons II, Nr. 4 (diptychon)

Many images involved into this painting, the collage of symbols words and body parts are becoming a one piece of draw. The look on a conclude work is the final view. The dualism is here gender and in case the diptychon. Body, men and woman are used here for parts (heads and face) as human objects. The wallpaint character is not existing in real, it s complete rearranged for keeping the necessarily ornaments and icons.
The body parts and subject objects are becoming one pattern. A collage is a work of formal art, primarily in the visual arts, made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole. To me painted or wrapped walls are unique symbols of urban cities today. Especially in Berlin, where i m living at, is characterized with bits and big parts of commercial and uncommercial wall ads. It s that what we are looking at every day. My collection of images of urban landscapes, brought a series of huge collages, i ve redesigned with technical help, in different context and views. The outwork of these images are becoming a virtuel opposite view to the real walls, also it looks different on canvas than on the streets.
I will underline that this artwork isn t streetart!

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