beauty is the gate to confusion

beauty is the gate to confusion

Pittura, Astratto informale, Acrilico, 230x106x5cm
The painting is part of my new 2009 series of large organic shaped paintings "DANCING IN A GARDEN OF BIOMORPHIC CELLS".
Losing close family members and friends to cancer started a personal journey in searching for answers about life, in a mind and soul sense as well as a deep interest in physical and biological functions. I needed answers regarding the human body, the mind, other life forms and their connections. Finally I reached the smallest subject - the cells. I was fascinated with the biological complexity of cells and their amazing beauty observed and animated by 3D Electron microscopy.
Even the most deadlies of all cells can be beautiful and colourful. They break out to be free from their limitations, to be different and not to be absorbed in the crowd. Some are simple, some are complex, others stick together. Some grow rapidly, some grow slowly, some hesitate waiting for the right moment. When is the right moment? Who decides? And why?
Like in a beautiful, organized and nurtured garden, often unpredictable nature interfers and the wishes and dreams of the gardener can not be fulfilled. The elements in both the gardens and the cells need an optimum order.

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