Music: Cousin Silas

All the videos of this piece were shot in Tenerife, Madrid and Almería (Spain) with the photo cameras Canon Ixus 400 and Canon PowerShot G7 in video mode, and were edited with SonyVegas Pro.

The title and visual concept of this piece is inspired by the Rorschach ink-blot psychological test, invented by Herman Rorschach (1884-1922).

'Rorschach' - G2;roM5;r-G6;shäk 'Roar-shack'
'Rorschachiana' - 'roar-shackiana'

Online Rorschach Test:

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Lazzaro Ciccolella
10 anni fa
great work
Jesús Olmo
11 anni fa
Jesús Olmo Artista
thank you very much for all your comments
Annika  Sporleder
11 anni fa
This is just so beautifull! Good for meditation. All those little suprises happening and the amazing faces that appear....(I even found my child with the glowing head- it grew up :-)
Gabriele Koch
11 anni fa
Gabriele Koch Artista
Hallo Jesús,
I have allowed to know you about Nuria Armengol- and about your videoart I only can say: fantastic and great.
All the best for you and your work!
Han Werz
11 anni fa
Han Werz Artista
How its possible to be not at the first 10 on Celeste???????????????
Have a look at other places, you know and I am sure there comes a very big opportunity.
Let me know, seems me nice to visit you in London.
Can't promise but you never know....
Your sincerely Han
Ed Ryan
11 anni fa
Ed Ryan Giornalista
Nuria Armengol
11 anni fa
Nuria Armengol Artista
Cristina Barrera
11 anni fa
" I am speechless, you are a wizard with images"

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