the boab trees...a sequence in loss

the boab trees...a sequence in loss

For many years now, I have looked over the hill toward the east coast, from my home, to see this stand of old boab trees, Adansonia gregorii, a tree endemic to Australia. Recently, I located them and photographed them. They are no longer living, now standing as sentinels to remind us of their former presence. Perhaps they suffered a natural death, (they are most commonly found in the dessert zones of Australia) succumbing to the south westerly salt laden winds of the coast of New South Wales. Perhaps they were poisoned to optimise coastal views. They moved me, like a poetic metaphor of our current environmental concerns and greed. A sculpture for our troubled times. Like sentinels, they are looking out to the sea and land for incoming hostility. I lament.

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6 anni fa
gelidelune Artista
beautiful, seem hugs!

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