Fotografia Digitale, Filosofia, Astratto informale, Tecnica mista, 188x122x4cm
Autobiography, both real and imagined forms the basis of most of my work. I create a world of colours and use storytelling to fuse aspects of my identity and travel experiences with myths and factual truths. I create intricate works that blur fact and fiction while always introducing a sense of humour to give a powerful effect. I also play multiple characters in this drama where I often illustrate myself as small characters or animals. I combine memories and artefacts to produce alternate readings of both my inner world and more universal cultural, political and societal narratives. Novels are also all part of my practice. I usually narrate those using small details I add with ink, charcoal or pastel. Sometimes, thoughts or some text scares the surface of the canvas but are never entirely readable.

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Gianluca Aimi
6 anni fa
Gianluca Aimi Artista

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