The Narrative of Inadequacy

Video, Memoria, Figura umana, Minimal, Documentario, 35
I have documented people’s remembrance of a moment of sexual inadequacy, while having them face away from the camera, resorting to the psychoanalytical notion that a full account is better made without direct eye contact thus depersonalizing the experience, rather than portray it as a function of that particular individual. A tableaux of semi-anonymous accounts will form a collective register of a moment where closeness and second-hand notions of adequacy clashed.

As a friend recently asked me “where is the sublime of failure?’, I felt compelled to address the theme of desire in the hands of its mismatched execution.

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Gerardo Aizpuru
6 anni fa
Gerardo Aizpuru Curatore, Fotografo, Grafico
Very interesting nice work !

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