Canvas Unprimed

Video, Filosofia, Figura umana, Filmato, 4:14
This video is about creation, the continuous round and change of beauty in artist’s consciousness. It is a self-portrait.
It is about birth process of something new. From the other hand it is Nike of Samothrace striving for escape and Delilah appearing from Philistines insidiousness. It is the self-portrait because canvas is the main media for me and I have been spending a lot of time in close connection with it. It is connected with happiness and torments, it is a prison and freedom, and a life board, and a nutshell, and a newborn’s shit, which you have to put off sometimes to put on later.

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Sergio Campailla
6 anni fa
Anastasia...mi puoi spiegare meglio il senso della tua opera? Puoi inviarmi un e mail.
Anastasia Russa
6 anni fa
Anastasia Russa Artista
emilia rebuglio
6 anni fa
emilia rebuglio Artista
Molto bello!

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