europa/ sudamerica. fusione astratta(musica per sordi)

europa/ sudamerica. fusione astratta(musica per sordi)

Pittura, Astratto informale, Olio, 120x60cm
the work is clearly retro, there is painting, it is abstract expressionist it may sound is the research of the relationship between avant garde(mainly german) and brazilian culture to give a fresh vibe to a kind of art which is dead. brazilian samba is mixed with pop videos in order to give a rythmic atmosphere. Thank to cultural mixes i arrive to a style which is luxuriant and flamboyant like the amazon forest. by mixing digesting cultures i arrive to nature, to my nature. a nature which is strong yet fragile, flamboyant yet shy. it is like a music for deaf people

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Arte Ipse Dixit
10 anni fa
Arte Ipse Dixit Curatore
Ciao Giulio
fantastic work
dai un occhiata al mio sito
mi farebbe piacere che tu partecipassi ad Arte Accessibile
a presto
Tiziana Manca
11 anni fa
marco simola
11 anni fa
marco simola Artista
I like it!

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