From Light

From Light

Grafica Digitale, Natura, Astratto geometrico, Minimal, Computer graphics, 100x100cm
This is a shared submission by Matthias Lindner, Diane Karner and Roland Lindner and it is based on the original “Bubblesheet” artworks by Matthias Lindner. The project concluded in various artworks from photographs to digital graphics and video animation.

The whole process is built on chaos, coincidence and selection through multiple stages and starts with mere sheets of industrial Aluminium (provided by the AMAG Austria Metal AG). These so-called cover sheets are used to separate glowing hot plates of metal in the production process (later used in the aviation and automotive industry).

Due to the heat the cover sheets deform but eventually cool down to manifest in a completely random and wavy structure. This is the first level of coincidence, caused by effects of thermodynamic processes on the metallic structure of the Aluminium.

For his “Bubblesheet” photography Matthias Lindner used a variety of different light sources and long time exposure to produce radiating textures beyond typical light painting art.

In cooperation with Matthias, Roland Lindner projected moving visuals onto one of the Aluminium cover sheets, filming the reflections on the surface with a camcorder. This added further layers of randomness. The motion of the visuals, the movement of the handheld camera and the imperfection of the resulting footage due to the interlaced HDV codec.

The final stage of coincidence was applied by projecting the video clips onto digitally and randomly generated high resolution 3D metaball structures that resemble the look and behaviour of lava lamp bubbles. The resulting footage is used as digital artwork (large scale prints and renderings) and as moving visuals in a music video for german artist Dominik Eulberg.

In every stage the artworks are snapshots, reactions and decisions based on the random results the process provided and it looks like chaos and selection have created something organic and alive from inorganic metal, heat and light.


Matthias Lindner studies Experimental Art at the University for Artistic and Industrial Design in Linz, Austria.

Diane Karner and Roland Lindner live in London. As they work on art projects like live visual performances, installations and commissioned video work (literature visualisations, experimental visuals and music videos, …).

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