Anecdotari. historias singular

Anecdotari. Historias Singulars is a tv program about incredible storys that had happen to people. The program is based on interviews to 4 characters, each program, that explains a story. There are also a 4 historical stories based on real facts, contemporanyes or ancients. From the studio, we have directed, designed and produced all the historical stories. Each chapter had a total of 4 stories with similar thematic. We have made 53 stories in 3 months. I did the Art Direction for the whole program including the main titles sequence, bumpers, chayrons and final credits. The Illustration was made by Carlota Santamaria.

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11 anni fa
Dome Artista
ben fet! molt molt interesant:)
Atif Gülücü
11 anni fa
Atif Gülücü Artista
çok çok güzel
Maria Aristova
11 anni fa
Maria Aristova Artista
aitor miguens
11 anni fa
11 anni fa
Pilar Borrás
11 anni fa
Pilar Borrás Art lover
It´s a wonderful video

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