Breathe is Number 4 in my Tree of life series of acrylic-based mixed media paintings. It touches on the role of trees (and other plant life) in creating and maintaining a breathable atmosphere on our planet. The tree structure and symbol is used to represent a variety of interconnected interdependent structures, interactions and ideas. Nothing connects us as thoroughly and subtly as the thin layer of atmosphere we all share.

In order to keep the feeling of the painting atmospheric and to portray the subtlety of shared air, the tree symbol coalesces out of many fine threads of extruded media. These threads wend curved, seemingly random paths through to the edges of the painting. Tiny glass beads were adhered to the extruded threads of media for a sparkling atmospheric effect. the background was painted using a water color and drip technique to create loosely defined and interconnected layers. this pattern is a reference to the layered structure and interchange of gases in the atmosphere.

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