Bosque de agua

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I go to the beach to see the remains of the last storm at sea. Much of the sand on the beach is flooded. The old mouth of the river is no longer dries and water comes with force from the wetland zone to the waterfront. The force of nature impresses me. Water always finds its way.

In one of the ephemeral pools are seen reflections of the buildings of the village. The distorted picture by the undulations and sunset light reminds me of a forest shown out of focus. I think of those days where you're out walking for nature photography but you're not inspired and make mistakes themselves beginner ... unfocused trees ... like a distant and mysterious rainforest.

I decide to record some video footage, but today I am unable ... blurry… I have cold and try one sweep more or less rapid ... it's a terrible shoot.

An error after another. I superimpose wrong the layers while play with the velocity of the image ... Is motion picture ... The distortion is now an option aesthetic and conceptual. The memory brings me to water forest, a threatened place. One of the most amazing places on the planet. We protect the forest and beach.

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6 anni fa
nyx10110 Artista
Grazie Giulio.
giulio micheletti
6 anni fa

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