her whirlpool

her whirlpool

 Interdependence is a truth of life. No one thing that exists wholly independent of anything else. Everything in our lives arises in context, supported and affected by external factors, conditioned reality. Understanding that all things exist in context, not as permanent entities, is fundamental to awareness, clearly seeing the true nature of reality as it is. So in order for us to make sense of this world around us our mind assembles a structure of concepts, a whirlpool of emotional, physical and psychological history and habitual patterns. This whirlpool, can inspire releasing habitual patterns of thinking that create suffering, to experience things "as it is" as a fluid interdependent whole. We could begin to see our thoughts and emotions, our whirlpool as momentary, less solid, not representative of a solid truth or hard reality. This is a fundamental understanding to seeing the absolute truth of emptiness of self and other and appearance altogether.

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