Cirkel / Circle

Trailer for the film 'Cirkel / Circle' by Swoon

Swoon Films 11 Flemish Poets

How to make a film based on 11 Dutch-language poems? A fair question. Video artist Swoon has made the poetry short 'Circle', in which poems by Leonard Nolens, Stefan Hertmans, Delphine Lecompte, Charles Ducal, Michaël Vandebril, Lies Van Gasse, Xavier Roelens, Jan Lauwereyns, Marleen de Crée, Stijn Vranken and Yannick Dangre tell the story of someone's life. The poems were recorded by 3 well-known Flemish actors: Vic De Wachter, Michaël Pas and Karlijn Sileghem.

The Flemish poetry film will premiere on Sunday 10 March at the Scottish international poetry festival stAnza. With this international presentation in mind, all poems were translated by professional poetry translator Willem Groenewegen.
The Belgian premiere will be held on 13 June at the Felix Poetry Festival in Antwerp.

'Circle' is a Vonk & Zonen production and was realised with the support of the Flemish Literature Fund and the City of Antwerp. Vonk & Zonen is a new literary organisation focusing on new ways to showcase literature. Recent projects include the 'Lonely Funeral' programme, 'NewsPoem' in the De Morgen newspaper and the 'Working Title' evenings. The poetry film 'Circle' is an excellent way to familiarise a wider audience with poetry in an innovative and accessible way.

Swoon (a.k.a. Marc Neys, *1968) has more than 90 videopoems to his name, based on texts by, amongst others, Bernard Dewulf, Johan de Boose, Michaël Vandebril and Jan Lauwereyns.
His videopoems were shown at a lot of international festivals, such as those in Berlin (Zebra), Vancouver (Visible Verse) and New York (International Literary Filmfestival). This year, Swoon has been asked to co-curate the first Filmpoem Festival (2-4/8/13, Dunbar, Scotland) alongside Alastair Cook, Luca Nasciuti and Dave Bonta.

Poems (in order of appearance):

Meer tijd - More Time (Jan Lauwereyns)
Tel Aviv - Tel Aviv (Michaël Vandebril)
Over de afstand tussen twee vogels (III) - On the Distance between Two Birds (III) (Lies van Gasse)
Het komt - It Will Come (Stefan Hertmans)
!!! - !!! (Xavier Roelens)
Krop - Crop (Leonard Nolens)
Of wel - Or Will It (Marleen de Crée)
Een hele kleine oorlog - That Little War (Y.M. Dangre)
De reu rouwt, de mens steelt - The Hound Mourns and People Steal (Delphine Lecompte)
Dertien vragen en geen antwoord - Thirteen Questions Without An Answer (Stijn Vranken)
Onvoltooid - Unfinished (Charles Ducal)

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