Infinite Worlds (Project Trailer)

Multiple video installation itinerary. (Andrea Santini | UBIKteatro 2011).

Inspired by Giordano Bruno’s ‘infinite worlds’, the installation consists of a series of independent and parallel videos conceived as reflections on a number of spiritual and philosophical themes such as: the relevance of faith today, the role of 'magic' and 'poetry' in a technologically driven world, the beauties and responsibilities of free-thinking, our place in nature ...

The videos are all based on live performances integrating interactive technologies, mapping and live projections. The musical components juxtaposes and combine original music written in a Renaissance and Baroque style with electronics sounds and soundscape. Some of the visual and musical performances can, if relevant, be integrated and recreated live within the itinerary.
The videos and the music create a suggestive, dreamy, sensual and ironic itinerary bridging real spaces and imagined worlds.

Depending on the locations, the materials are displayed on screens of various sizes or projected onto architectural elements, walls, façades, curtains, bodies or objects.


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Molto bello il Trailer!

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