Blindness could be understood as the re-construction of a moment, the sublimity of the transgression. A reconstructed time by installing a series of elements that apparently are one thing, but it is not because they are not where they should and do not fulfill the function for which they are built, something is mattering. This is a common strategy in my work, by my interest in the fragility of reality and one that is mainly built, like art.

"Abandoned in the middle of the road, feeling the ground shifting under his feet, he tried to suppress the sense of panic that welled up inside him. He waved his hands in front of his face, nervously, as if he were swimming in what he had described as a milky sea, but his mouth was already opening to let out a cry for help…¨ (1)

1. Blindness. José Saramago, 1995. Ed. Caminho S.A., Lisboa
Non ci sono mi piace

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