Scultura, Animale, 55x90x58cm
Dir, a play on words(dir being a German word for you), was cast from a taxidermied hunting trophy. It is part of my CandY Series. The objects chosen to be cast in hard candy are selected for their ironic connotations.

The saccharine sculptures made from these candy casts(which are then finished with a clear lacquer varnish), highlight the absurdity found in every-day modern life. They are literally sweet, but their subject matter ranges from the bizarre to the macabre, and although they are made from candy, they are inedible- the physical embodiment of unattainable pleasure and indulgence.

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Denise Hickey
10 anni fa
Denise Hickey Artista
I really like the uneasy beauty of this piece. I am rather drawn to the conflict!
Good luck.

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