ASTRONAUT NEUNZIG       (Triptychon)


Pittura, Fantasia / Visionario, Olio, 240x180cm
Some time ago my little son has made a rocket of paper.He pulled it over, and now began an adventure: The living room has been to space, and he lifted off...
You see, in the world of children, anything is possible.

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Gianfranco ferlazzo
9 anni fa
Great work!
Gabriele Koch
9 anni fa
Gabriele Koch Artista
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Emilio!
I give back the compliments to you!
Emilio Lovisa
9 anni fa
Emilio Lovisa Artista, Fotografo
This is funny and at the same time i think the way the "lift-off" has been potrayed in 3 stages is great. Do i need to say again a very talented artist? ;)
Kazuyo Y
10 anni fa
Kazuyo Y Artista
Wonderful that you are capturing cheerful happy moment. I love it!
Annika  Sporleder
10 anni fa
gefällt mir echt gut, hab für Dich gevoted...viel Glück!
Gabriele Koch
11 anni fa
Gabriele Koch Artista
thank you so much, Gala.
i wish you good luck.
a hug

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