Using animation, sounds warping and time shifts this video runs forwards and backwards looking for forgotten details, mimicking the way memories are replayed in the mind. LoopLoop is made from a sequence I captured in a train going to Hanoi in Vietnam. I filmed the houses boarding the railroad. The 1000 images of this sequence have been stitched into one long panoramic image. Into this long still image, I integrated other moving elements and builted smooth transitions over it. LoopLoop is a video loop.

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Ronnie Tres Reyes
9 anni fa
very interesting execution! Congratulations!
Alfonso Siracusa
10 anni fa
Se vuoi, puoi visionare, votare o lasciare un commento, per la mia opera in concorso. A presto. In bocca al lupo.
Alfonso Siracusa
ZIQQURAT ugocròm Zatini
10 anni fa
grande !!
anna crescenzi
10 anni fa
anna crescenzi Artista
return ... We're back! exceptional.
Maria Martinelli
10 anni fa
Wonderful, it's like being on the roller coaster! it moves something in your brain!
Davide Robert Ross
10 anni fa
congratulations!One of the best!
10 anni fa
Una gran pieza audiovisual. Felicidades
Angelo Zani
10 anni fa
Angelo Zani Artista
My vote: Masterpiece.
10 anni fa
nadzan Artista
Fantastic!!!! This is very good work!
Sanae Hayashi
10 anni fa
Sanae Hayashi Artista
coool. wonderful sound design.

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