Fotografia Digitale, Paesaggio, Digitale, 30x40cm
The world is it "animated", inhabited by a spirit? research
photo by Marc Loiseau was born that is presented simultaneously
a reflection on the meaning of images in the representation of
myths, which began on the occasion of the exhibition anthropological
"The Making of Images" held recently in Paris
museum of primitive arts, and a renewed encounter over the years
with landscape, nature and water, earth, sky, fire.

In this animated world, how to make this visible hand
interiority, even humanity, common to all "existing"
(beings or things), despite the diversity of their appearance?
Sometimes just losing a few moments the spatial cues and
the classical sense of perspective that we are normal, so that
immobile natural elements, organic or inorganic, which we
located around another dimension, another sense, perhaps a soul.
Bon voyage.

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