The Silent Memory of Trees

The Silent Memory of Trees

While taking these shots in and around Southern NSW it struck me just how few of these magnificent trees are left, hence generating a certain sadness and logically leading to the theme “The Silent Memory of Trees” ..with the inevitable END being the trees while survive man (" you fade away") ("I am here.. you are gone")

We often tear through the landscape with little regard for what we are passing. While trees are not sentient, my imagination hears and sees trees saying these words to us, while we live in a completely different time frame… not seeing an impending conclusion to our brief stay on the planet.
The photographs depict man seeing trees as they watch us, with the silent words of the trees pointing to the end.

"The Silent Memory of Trees"

I See You
from my high places
in my summer, winter
in my autumn, spring you rush by

I know you
as you come, as you go
with your ever changing face
with your pain and deception you push by

I survive you
as you pull me down
as you neglect me
as you forget me you fade away

I am here.. you are gone

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Maurizio Polmonari
7 anni fa
Nice work!!!!
8 anni fa
like so much !!
it's wonderfull !!
Geoff Dunlop
8 anni fa
Geoff Dunlop Artista
Very effective
8 anni fa
Nicci Artista, Designer, Pittore

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