Milk and Honey

Milk and Honey

Pittura, Sacro / Mitologico, Inchiostro, 76x56cm
What “end” has been more prophetically, hyperbolically amplified than the end of the human? In theoretical flights of fancy we have seen this end depicted, on the one hand, with the chill thrill of techno-utopian speculation and, on the other, with nostalgia for an animal carnality and tribalisms of the imagined past.  In current scientific practice—where the biological and technological fold indiscriminately into one another—the ends of the human have us fretting about what strange creatures we’ll birth in our own wake.  While some are intoxicated by the possibilities these fusions present, others look on in a state of cold fear: scolding one another for their audacity to play God.  But even creating in the image of this old patriarch is no simple affair. This is, after all, the deity who made humans out of dust, and abstracted a female from the rib of a man. Perhaps creation has always been much more abstract, messy, strangely recombinant, and fruitfully multiple, than so many of us have imagined.

"Milk and Honey" is part of “The Open”, a collaboration between artist Krista Dragomer (visual & concept) and writer Beatrice Marovich (text & concept). While the broader project is concerned with re-inventing and revising our post-apocaltpytic sense of possibility, this iteration brings the question of ends back to the messiness of origins, to cycles of creation and destruction, to a post-industrial Eden emerging verdant through the muck and waste, overturning the mytho-logic soil of our beginnings.

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luigi iacono
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luigi iacono Artista
Bei lavori molto espressivi
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molto bella
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