The grass is greener on the other side

The project was conceived and created in Tsarino, a small deserted village in the Bulgarian’s mountains which was left behind thirty years ago. Many of the houses in the village are derelict, carrying traces of its previous inhabitants and their withdrawal.
We had the chance to live and work there for a period of three weeks.

‘The grass is greener on the other side’ starter from the idea of utopia: good place but at the same time paradoxically U-non and TOPOS-space. This had a particular relevance in the deserted village of Tsarino, Bulgaria, were water was a scar commodity. Every morning and every evening we would walk to the well next to the cemetery and collect around 35 litres of water each. The process even if physical and exhausting becomes almost a ritual and we found something in the journey very cathartic. Throughout the process we found ourselves building up an intimacy with our spaces, a tenderness and affection really getting to know the land and the new shuts, watching the space transform but at the same time acknowledging that when we would be no longer there and ceased to water our spaces they would also cease to exist as they did and would quite quickly dissolve and disperse back into the surrounding landscape.
Non ci sono mi piace

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