Project Face

Project Face

Project Face “The End”

Rina Dweck’s body of photographs ranges from the macabre to the testimonial, reflecting her fascination with pop culture, voyeurism, media, and the role of the portrait in contemporary society. Her latest work, Project Face, is a yearlong social media exercise whereby the artist diligently shot 365 self-portraits for her Facebook page.

Paralleling our cultural changeover into the technological age, Dweck exclusively used her iPhone to photograph, manipulate, and deliver her self-portraits for Project Face. Staying true to her cyber medium, Dweck launched her yearlong project in May of 2011 on Facebook, where she posted a new profile picture each day and viewers could tour her virtual gallery.

Displayed online on her virtual gallery Facebook page, Dweck’s self-portraits exist in a realm beyond the conventional notion of art that hangs on gallery walls. Her works usher in a new era, rife with change. A photography exhibition with neither camera nor gallery address. Here, the borders between art in real life and art in social media are both open and interchangeable. It is the end of the art world, or traditional viewership, as we know it.

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