the end - as in: the end

‘the end – as in: the end’ is about fading memories. they begin to fade as soon as they emerge. details gradually disappear; people and places lose their recognizable form and change to somewhat archetypical shapes. for example: ‘the bell’ becomes ‘a bell’ and specific individuals become ‘a man’ or ‘a woman’ of just ‘a person’. add to that a selective memory which replaces a negative experience connected to ‘the bell’ with a more neutral approach of ‘a bell’. less often, however. because, there are only fading memories after ‘the end – as in: the end’.
this video, by the way, is the work of a group. it is also a vehicle for a music project of the städtische philharmonie sankt isengrim. a big brass band plays the music from a larger project by artist group arbeitsgemeinschaft für zeitgemässen blickfang called ‘a propos l’histoire du pirates de florence’. sound and vision complement each other to tell a story. which one that is depends on what people want to experience.

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Suzan a1qq Hijab
4 anni fa
Das tolle der Hintergrund die kathederale stärkt.
mauro ceselli
7 anni fa
mauro ceselli Artista
ricercare qualcosa cercando di capire cosa vogliamo...

mi piace

7 anni fa
rupat Artista
La sensazione che ho avuto è della fine di un percorso in cui siamo imprigionati, e della ricerca di un nuovo equilibrio. Mi piace.
7 anni fa
adoro il tuo mondo, parallelo al mio.
surrealmente sur-reale

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