Hypocrisy of War / Fruit Bowl of death

Hypocrisy of War / Fruit Bowl of death

Pittura, Politico/Sociale, Simbolo / Lettera, Acrilico, 30.5x40.5cm
It depicts two revolvers as symbols of Western power and human invention for quick end of human life.
The fruits in the center represent the goals of war, the supposed rewards.
The shape of the bowl and the fruits together form a skull, the symbol of death.
The man and woman in generic military uniform at the bottom of the painting represent our society, brainwashed by the media to follow the fake goals of war.
The barrels of the revolvers are covered with symbolic imprints of $100 bills to show that most wars are started for the purpose of monetary enrichment.
The gun barrels are bent inwards to show the suicidal nature of any war. (literally more American military men died from suicide than from combat in Iraq and Afganistan).
All aggressive empires like the Roman, Mongolian, Ottoman, disappeared because their territories were gained by force, and their ideologies spread by force.
History will repeat itself, until we realize that there is no enemy except for the one we create for ourselves. Most of the heads of our governments have graduated prestigious universities where multiple history classes are taught, but often they do not learn from the history. History shows that no war has benefited any specific country or nationality on the long run. (Examples: WW2, Vietnam, Korea, Gulf, etc.)

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Igor Eugen Prokop
7 anni fa
One of my favorites...!
7 anni fa
Totur Artista
Boris! As always beautiful work! Good for you.
Suzan a1qq Hijab
7 anni fa

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