"Wallpaper - green"

"Wallpaper - green"

Pittura, Ritratto, Figura umana, Tecnica mista, 80x120cm
Technique; Oil, acrylic and Wallpaper on canvas.

Serial: Wallpaper

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Yuri Ivanenko
10 anni fa
Yuri Ivanenko Artista
Good job.
Experience of life with  Emily Eunjue Hayes
11 anni fa
We are the people from all around the world and so unique to share as who we truly are. Your art work smile's and send a love to all of us. To share joy of our life, you had to share what you love. It is a wonderful thing, we share what we love through our life time with friends and I am happy to be part of your share. There are no better or worse in sharing in my mind. All the sharing in this life is wonderful. Wonderful sharing and have a wonderful days as you Anabel Derlam.

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