The End of The Future

The End of The Future

In the installation "The End of The Future" Julia Winter addressed the thin line between fiction and reality, hope and despair and life and death. Morphine comforts, eases and confuses our concepts of time. The glass ampules reflect a bright and sometimes a pale light.
Her installation has no methaphorical limits. She uses objects like a radio, a clock, a ladder or a lamp to refer to sounds, light, higher spheres and feelings of grief, resurrection and changing temperatures like freezing cold and warmth.
Julia Winter’s use of images or objects in her collages, sculptures, installations evoce always new poetic meanings or atmospheres.
Maarten Bertheux
Oud-conservator / former curator Stedelijk Museum

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teruhisa tahara
7 anni fa
Waldemar Dabrowski
7 anni fa
Very interesting...!
Geoff Dunlop
7 anni fa
Geoff Dunlop Artista
Deep melancholy. The delicacy, fragility is very effective

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