"Old Friend"

"Old Friend"

Pittura, Animale, Acrilico, 40.5x40.5cm
I have just completed "Old Friend" a dry brush acrylic on gessoed panel.
This magnificent bird has always been a part of my life. I have watched it almost daily scan the shores of the Saint Croix River for a meal as the tide starts to recede. I have witnessed two mature bald eagles with talons locked, tumbling down in mid air, disappear out of sight around the cove and to my surprise, seconds later find them on the rocky shore so close to me that I could have touched them. I remember in the early days at our Crocker Hill property seeing an eagle land in the almost dead elm tree on our riverbank with an eel dangling from his talons.

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Barbara Carretta
7 anni fa
very beautifule ! Like a real photo !
7 anni fa
Totur Artista
Rabota.Pozdrovlyayu beautiful!

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