Fotografia Analogica, Figura umana, Analogica, 80x60cm
For centuries war is elevated to a form of art in order to cover up the atrocities. Strategies and battle plans are glorified; the destruction of the enemy on all levels of human existence is practiced and taught to its limits.
War has spread. Centuries ago he was confined to a battlefield and the war's impact was visible and tangible for everyone. Thus, in the last decades, after the last big world war, war was divided on many battlefields and since the 60ies the art of war is practiced and taught on these small and numerous battlefields.
Since the war, however, has a voracious element, he has spread also to other levels.
Economy is already a scene of war and "The Art of War" became a cult book and required reading for everybody working in the management domain.
Not to forget the battle of the sexes, this is in its purest form an image of manipulation.
And there are still theaters of war to be enumerated.

With these photographs I have limited myself to six phases in the process of war with the hope, that the 6th Phase manifests itself finally in a way, that the "Art of War" loses its appeal.
The photographs are analogous works, taken with a Canon EOS 1000 at a theater performance.
The distortion and enhancement, created by the aperture and light, is perfectly suited for a pictorial representation of the theme "The Art of War."
(Elisabeth Rass, 2011)

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Elisabeth Rass
7 anni fa
Elisabeth Rass Artista
thank you.
Igor Eugen Prokop
7 anni fa
Great works!!

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