Pittura, Astratto informale, Figura umana, Tecnica mista, 65x64cm

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11 anni fa
CIAO bellessima opera molto espressiva mi complimento con tutti i pittori di questo sito ,gente cosi' emergente ormai non si vede piu' sono contenta di esser vostra amica betty
Experience of life with  Emily Eunjue Hayes
11 anni fa
Nothing is permanant in this world but it is auch! to see your painting peeling but they are meant to be this way so it is good sharing. Share to join the friendship, offering to open ourselves through giving is true artist. We are here to entertain friends in this world. To amuse them with our kindness and through our sincere creation to share. I love this art of your and speak deeply.
Wonderful sharing and thank you very much for your friendship to receive me as a friend.

Your friend em

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