And God Created Woman....

And God Created Woman....

Pittura, Nudo, Figura umana, Ritratto, Olio, 15x30x1cm
Chuck has created art for as long as he can remember. He has always been fascinated with the human form. Although he paints primarily nudes he prefers to show the viewer more than is actually there. His work is about what is not seen rather than what is actually portrayed on the canvas. Once asked if he considers his work sexual or erotic he replied, “I don’t paint girls, I paint mature strong beautiful women with curves and experience. I don’t subscribe to society’s perception of what is considered sexy, but I do have a view on what I consider beautiful, classic and strong and I try to show that in my work.”
Non ci sono mi piace

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Manola Aringhieri
7 anni fa
complimenti per la tua grande tecnica e la scelta del soggetto

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