"Blue Gate"

"Blue Gate"

The color of the elapsed time between us is blue, how much longer it will go to unlock the gate of your heart?
The color of my heart is blue, I'm waiting for many years a nod or a word you do not believe that you're happy in yo
ur bunk I can not believe you entertain a good and amiable company does not even want to imagine.
The color of dawns and nights spent waiting is a faded blue, my heart could fly up to you beyond these bars that divide us and turn out the clouds that surround this home.
I imagined a magical atmosphere for your coming, you walk up to me to open this gate blue cold as my hands .. the wind has confused my nice dress clothes do not let it wither its flowers tender petals.

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Rudolf Lichtenegger
7 anni fa
samanta valente
7 anni fa
samanta valente Artista
bellissima!amo molto questo genere

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